how to tell if someone likes you

1. they don’t

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I love this company already.

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teacher: alright, since no one is raising their hands i’m gonna pick people


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everything personal

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instead of watching the 50 Shades trailer, why not just make awkward eye contact with a total stranger at the grocery store for a solid 2 minutes and 34 seconds? you get the same skin-crawling, uncomfortable feeling but without the shitty writing, terrible acting and massive dose of rape culture

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my laptop is dying

just like my dreams

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my dance style ranges from white dad at a barbecue to stripper whose rent is due tomorrow

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Seriously, what the police are doing is not “bad”, it’s illegal.

There is a reason why people are raging mad at this situation, and it’s because it’s a blatant violation of basic human rights.

If you don’t understand that, then you are part of the problem.

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me sexting

  • boy: what u wearin? ;)
  • me: Prada spring/summer 2013 fur coat with daisy appliqué and archive Margiela tabi boots